KindredPassageFront500War, mystery, legacy, and the Africa of two eras.

In the 1960s troubled, young American, Ken Mallory, visits Africa’s Zambezi River country and uncovers intriguing information about his great-grandfather, Lucas Lindsay, who fought in the native wars a century earlier. Through the eyes of these two young men, Kindred Passage views the dynastic struggles of the 19th century along with the post-colonial period of the 20th century.

Separated by lifetimes, the similar dilemmas imposed on both men underscore the basically changeless nature of Africa.

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Garrick Connolly, young American war veteran, still struggling with his experiences from Afghanistan, learns of the “legend of the cave,” the final resting place of the Lost Prince, during a business trip to Peru. For centuries, sealed up inside a cliff face in one of the deepest canyons on earth, the mummified remains of Yahuar Huaccac, priest of the Incas, young man of noble birth, has stood lonely vigil over the gleaming antiquities from an Incan temple.

Through the towering Andes Mountains, Garrick follows the clues left behind by Yahuar Huaccac, and unlocks the ancient mystery.

Author’s note: “There is an actual ‘legend of the cave’ in an Andean valley I am very familiar with. A cave in a soaring cliff face is sealed up with a black stone. I don’t know what lies inside.”

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